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Gunvor guns for coal

21. October 2011,

Gunvor Group Ltd/Gunvor International claims to be “one of the world’s major independent commodity trading companies” and a “market leader” in trading, transporting and storing oil and other energy products.

Now it’s announced a major interest in a coal mine, called Signal Peak and located in Montana, USA.

In April 2011, the London Daily Telegraph listed Gunvor International as one of the “Top Ten” largest and “secretive” world trading giants,along with Glencore and Trafigura.

According to the newspaper, Gunvor’s turnover in 2010 amounted to US $65bn, with a special emphasis on Russia. It embarked on a major expansion of its Global Coal and European Gas & Power divisions in early 2011 [Daily Telegraph, 15 April 2011].

Gunvor is a new listing on the From Money to Metals database. See:

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