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93 banks, 31 mining companies – coal financing exposed

25. January 2012,

Following the launch at the end of 2011 of the report “Bankrolling Climate Change” [see posting on this blog dated 30 November 2011], which exposed the top 20 climate killer banks financing the global coal industry, BankTrack has now made the underlying financial data publicly available.

This concists of 1405 financial transactions, involving 93 international banks in the financing of the top 31 coal mining companies and the top 40 coal fired electricity companies in the world since early 2005 – coming to a total of 232 billion Euro. It was collected from annual reports, filings, financial press articles as well as specialised international financial databases.

The original data is organised and available in an excel sheet organised by utility company and by bank. Says BankTrack: “This allows you to have access [to] and know which are the financiers of a coal company you’re campaigning on, or…which coal companies the bank(s) you’re campaigning on have financed since 2005.”

You can find this data in the excel sheet on this page of the BankTrack website :

The report itself can be found on this other page :

You can also contact: yann@banktrack.org for any question you have on the topic.

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